EpiCase Overview

EPiCase is a case management and tracking system for EPiServer CMS and Commerce platforms. The product enables anyone using the CMS to raise a case that will be tracked and managed through either a simple or advanced workflow. The product can be used by small and big teams alike. When needed the workflow can include a dispatcher role that reviews and allocates cases directly to users to resolve issues or to team managers who will assign cases to their team members. Users of EPiCase can easily drag and drop cases when assigning them to different teams or changing their status.

EPiCase was created with the best Agile methodologies. Easiness and intuitiveness are two of the key features of this product.

The last version of EPiCase includes EPiSketch. EPiSketch is a helpful tool for website revisors. This tool can be used in any website and allows the revisor to create sketches on top of any page. It also allows the user to report a case directly to EPiCase or just download and save the sketch as an image and even add notes. EPiSketch is available for download for FREE at Google Chrome Web Store.

EPiCase ResolverEPiCase DispatcherEPiSketch Over Google