EPiServer CMS is a Content Management System for the web allowing you to achieve maximum impact by managing content seamlessly across multiple screens and channels.

EPiServer enables you to be creative and focus on your message, instead of spending time on difficult web editors and worrying how content will render on different screens and whether or not it will follow brand guidelines. Across mobile, tablet and desktop screens… It will always look great.

EPiServer CMS allows content managers to edit directly on the page and view updates in real time. Adding images is simple: drag and drop your image from the assets pane and it will automatically adjust to the layout. Use the view setting button to switch between different channels and see how your content adapts the layout to an iPhone or iPad.

Maximise efficiency and stop duplicating content. With EPiServer CMS, you can create a piece of content once and use it across all of your sites, screens or channels. Changing and updating content is just as easy. Imagine the hours saved in content creation, editing and formatting - allowing you to provide customers with consistent and timely messaging across all screens. The time to market for launching new websites for the enterprise is reduced by reusing existing content structure.


DevCore are experienced in EPiServer Development and Integration. We have 7 certified developers and an additional 2 consultants with extensive experienced in EPiServer CMS 5 & 6 & 7, EPiStore, EPiServer Commerce, EPiServer Relate and Composer among other parts of the EPiServer offering.